I am visiting Hyderabad this weekend. 

Terror was all over. Two serial blasts in Hyderabad in Lumbini Park and Gokul chat seem to highlight a trend that seems to be deveoping. It is the second terror attack in Hyderabad after the attack on Mecca Masjid exactly 100 days ago. It was blood bath!

Not just that, at least 5 different bombs were diffused at different places… which means a lot more casualties were avoided. The police were tipped off that at least 7 Kg of RDX was still unused, but sadly, they failed in reacting to the information.

Red alert has been announced in Hyderabad and all the major metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Calcutta, Delhi, etc. So predictable.

The police sadly react in a very predictable way. They should be sent to Lateral thinking workshops to come up with innovative solutions. Coz this predictability makes the job of the criminals so much more easier. They know exactly what to expect! 😦