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Good news for MBA aspirants!!! — August 30, 2007

Good news for MBA aspirants!!!


Great great great news for all the people who want to do their MBA from some of the top Biz-schools in India and abroad! Top MBA is visiting India soon!

Some 250-300 top B-schools from all over the world will put up their stalls and try to attract your attention. You will have representatives of these colleges, who will answer whatever query you may have! This fair is specially useful for students who are aspiring to do their MBA abroad and plan to give GMAT soon!!

From India, only 3 B-schools have been invited to participate in the fair – Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), Indian School of Business (ISB) and Great Lakes Institute of Management.

A must attend for all those who have plans of doing MBA!!!

A bicycle it is :) :) :) :) —

A bicycle it is :) :) :) :)


A and I were cribbing last night about the Bangalore traffic and the fact that we have to struggle with the rickshaw wallas every single day to get to work!

Buying a car is not our priority at the moment. So, we thought we were kinda stuck with the option of buying a kinetic or a scooty! Well. Ever since we were 18, we have driven these…. so really not that much fun!

Then the thought came –  y not try a bicycle! Our office is very close by – just about 2.5-3 kms… So, the distance is perfect for the bicycle. Not too close by (you may rather walk) and not too far off (that by the time u reach office, u r huffing and puffing and gasping for breath 😉 )

Moreover, we also realise that 2 less vehicles on the Bangalore streets, would do Bangalore good 😉

Also, we would be contributing that much less to the Bangalore pollution!

So, the deal is done! A and I are both getting a bicycle each this weekend! 🙂