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Burst Colon can be fatal! — August 17, 2007

Burst Colon can be fatal!


I read this article and it freaked me out. We hardly ever bother about our colon, which is so sensitive. We keep irritating it with bad bowel habits and its not even funny. We eat all junk, no roughage and do not drink enough water – All that leads to finally the colon bursting… and That my friend is dangerous! So much so that, you may have to leave your favorite junk items aside forever. So, be careful from now onwards.

Eat good and be good 🙂


Indian Idol Gala 9 recap! —

Indian Idol Gala 9 recap!

The theme today was Pop. Started with a bang, with Alisha giving a performance… She sang Made in India and Its rocking… The guest was none other than Sonu Nigam. The most idiotic part of the show was the way they made the two girls advertise Scooty Pept.

Emon: Tu kab yeh jaanegi

He sang as usually flawlessly. With his idol in front of him, he fumbled a bit and forgot a few lines… but other than that, he was rocking as usual. And Sonu gave him a big compliment by saying that “You have better voice than me and you starting 7 years earlier than me”

Puja: Ab ke sawan aise barse

Her voice shrieked at the high notes. She was literally screaming to match Shubha Mudgal. What Annu Malek thought was brilliant, that in Hindustani music is considered illegitimate. So well… Everyone thought she was good… But, I thought she was bad.

Chang: Maahi ve, teri yaad aati hai ve

The energy level was way too down. His performance lacked spark. In short Mazaa nahi aaya. Vasu thought he seemed he was reciting a poem. The women were swooning over him. Javed thought he was better than the original singer (hmmpfff). Sonu thought everything was perfect. Anu felt ki wo sur se bahut baar hile.

Prashant: Aap ki dua hai pyar hua

I thought the choice of song was brilliant. Javed thought the song was quite simple. Sonu also felt the same. Kind of Udit also. Anu felt he wasnt that bad also. But he wasnt that good also.

Ankita: Deewaanein, deewanein to deewanein hain

I thought she was purposefully making her voice really harsh. It kind of was sounding weird. I hate to say it, but she was way too off-key in this performance. She is capable of doing a better job. Anu thought it was fantastic. Alisha thought sur lag rahe the… I dont think it did. Udit thought the attitude towards the song was very good. Sonu thought the song was straight. He thought she was totally off-key and I agree. He thought that she hit only some keys right. As for now, I think she is Raam-bharose

Amit Paul: Maaye ri

Energy was lacking. He went off-key in low notes. He was excellent in high notes though. That kind of made up for it. Javed (after some nautanki) thought he has great pronounciation. Anu gave him a standing ovation.