Lady Chef

I started cooking when I was very young, must have been around 9-10 years old. Cooking was always a passion and not somthing forced down upon by mum. Both mum and dad were very supportive of careers of us sisters. So, we were never forced to do the household work or even help mum in the kitchen. I started purely out of curiosity and interest. Whipping up something tasty seemed like a lot of fun!

But, these days, I observe that a lot of people around me, and surprisingly a lot of girls are hardly proficient in cooking! Their parents, like mine, never forced them in the kitchen and they, unlike me, never felt like going in there. It is only now, that they are getting the hang of being around in the kitchen!

I noticed a very interesting phenomena the other day. Even if u dont know cooking and have never stepped in the kitchen before – u can manage to do wonders if u are confident of what u r doing! I have seen women, who r scared of cooking, so much so that, if they are asked to make something, they will carefully measure the ingredients 3-4 times and yet the final outcome would be far from satisfactory!

Do you know why!? Because, cooking is not a method. It is an art!

If two women r given the recipe and ingredients of the same dish, they will probably end up making two dishes, which taste differently! This goes out to prove that only ingredients and methods dont make up a well-cooked dish – it is the prerogative of the person who is cooking it.

A piece of the person’s attitude gets reflected in their cooking! Hence, if u ask two people to cook something for the first time, the one who is more confident will end up doing a better job! 🙂

Adios till then! 🙂